1. Grandma Sparrow playing MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles on Friday // #regram of @grandmasparrow


  2. Grandma Sparrow is on his way to Los Angeles for a special show at MorYork Gallery on Friday night! 8pm, 4959 York Blvd in Highland Park. // photo: @samuel_dixon


  3. Woodwinds session for @amattwhitejoint’s record.


  4. On this B side to “Bird of Prey,” Natalie Prass pays respect to Janet (and Kendrick) with a pitch-perfect take on Any Time, Any Place, the get-it-on-now-immediately-and-in-public modern R&B classic. An assured, joyful, undeniably sexy cover, this Trey Pollard production is a little more wow and flutter than the shimmer and click of Jam & Lewis, but Spacebomb’s house band keeps the smooth energy of the original, cutting it with the casual pleasure of a late night session. Miss Prass gives Miss Jackson’s canonical vocals her own sweet agenda–nuanced tension and detailed urgency–all elements vibrating together at the sultry speed of Spacebomb.*

    *Please note: When in the company of a significant other or beautiful stranger, Spacebomb respectfully suggests listening to this track inside a bedroom or hotel room.

    Listen to “Bird of Prey”: https://soundcloud.com/spacebomb/natalie-prass-bird-of-prey-1



  5. Thanks to our new neighbors and fine menswear maker, Ledbury, for interviewing Matthew, Trey, and Cameron in our new studio! (via Spacebomb Studios - LedburyLedbury)


  6. Natalie Prass’ “Bird of Prey” is available now on iTunes and streamable on Spotify and Rdio. Take a listen! // @natalieprass


  7. "Bird of Prey" will appear on the forthcoming full-length album by Natalie Prass on Spacebomb Records.

    Download “Bird of Prey” and “Any Time, Any Place” on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/bird-of-prey

    Pop is not a thing to be feared. The first Spacebomb single from Natalie Prass, “Bird of Prey” hits fierce and fast, moving with a silky, yet propulsive beat. Our calm narrator, resigned to the dark fate of love, moves along with a confident lyrical pace, as flutes dive and weave through stabs of muted horn and an underpinning of easy rolling tack piano. It’s difficult to pinpoint any specific time or place; the music simply exists in a protean mist of swirling strings. Prass wraps her glowing voice around the hook and delivers a knock-out jewel of a song, addictive, deep-cut and flat-out timeless. This track and the forthcoming full-length record represent a high point of Spacebomb’s collaborative vision: the give-and-take of passionate musical conversation, seamless connection between artist, arrangers and players, honoring the history and putting time into the process to reach a classic new sound.


  8. Natalie Prass - “Bird of Prey”
    Download on iTunes along with a cover of Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”: http://smarturl.it/bird-of-prey

    (Source: youtube.com)


  9. We’re beyond excited to unleash @natalieprass’s “Bird of Prey” into the world. Head over to avclub.com to listen!


  10. It’s the pigsmilk candycane, the hurdy gurdy understain, the marmaladed pony’s mane, dilapidated monkey brain, possums full of puzzle tears, and crows that grow dakota beards. It’s time to eat your food!

    Grandma Sparrow - The Pigsmilk Candycane (Official Video) (by Spacebomb Records)